Big 12 Basketball Review – Week 1

Myles Turner slams home 2 of his 15 points in his first game at Texas on Friday. (Daily Texan Online)

Myles Turner slams home 2 of his 15 points in his first game at Texas on Friday, as the Longhorns toppled North Dakota State 85-50 as part of the 2K Classic. (Daily Texan Online)

College basketball season tipped off officially on Friday, and the Big 12 is currently undefeated.

Even if only three teams have played more than once, it’s still an accomplishment for the conference considering it houses TCU whose football team almost averages as many points as their basketball team (TCU is averaging 45.9 points per game on the gridiron this year, while last year their hoops squad only put up 63.6 which was padded thanks in part to a 98-point performance against an awful Grambling team).

Kansas went through a scare on Friday, only beating UC Santa Barbara by 10 at home.  West Virginia did the same against Monmouth.  Oklahoma State started on Friday with Southeastern Louisiana and only led by 2 at the half.

TCU got in the win column, but it won’t last long.  Their win over Prairie View A&M was by no means a quality win – Oklahoma State did the same despite only shooting 1-13 from 3 on Sunday.

There is still a lot left to tell about the Big 12 and as the season goes on, it’ll be seen.  But for now, I think the whole conference needs to be somewhat pleased.


Week 1 Results

Baylor: W 80-39 vs. McNeese State

No. 14 Iowa State: W 93-82 vs. Oakland

No. 5 Kansas: W 69-59 vs. UC Santa Barbara

Kansas State: W 98-68 vs. Southern Utah

No. 19 Oklahoma: W 78-53 vs. Southeastern Louisiana

Oklahoma State: W 85-55 vs. Southeastern Louisiana, W 74-52 vs. Prairie View A&M

TCU: W 71-54 vs. Prairie View A&M

No. 10 Texas: W 85-50 vs. North Dakota State (2K Classic), W 85-53 vs. Alcorn State (2K Classic)

Texas Tech: W 71-59 vs. Loyola (MD)

West Virginia: W 64-54 vs. Monmouth, W 83-56 vs. Lafayette


Week 2 Schedule and Picks

Baylor: Tues. @ South Carolina – W, Fri. vs. Prairie View A&M – W

No. 14 Iowa State: Mon. vs. Georgia State – W

No. 5 Kansas: Tues. vs. Kentucky (Champions Classic/Indianapolis) – L

Kansas State: Mon. vs. Missouri-Kansas City – W, Fri. @ Long Beach State – W

No. 18 Oklahoma: Wed. @ Creighton – W, Sun. vs. Northwestern State – W

Oklahoma State: Tues. vs. NW Oklahoma State – W, Fri. vs. Wisconsin-Milwaukee – W

TCU: Mon. vs. Washington State – L, Thurs. vs. New Orleans – W

No. 10 Texas: Thurs. start 2K Classic in New York – 1st game vs. Iowa (W)

Texas Tech: Tues. @ LSU – L, Sat. vs. Missouri State – W

West Virginia: Thurs. start Puerto Rico Tipoff Classic – 1st game vs. George Mason (W)

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